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Yucca & Holistic Nutrition, health benefits of yucca root

Yucca Root, what’s not to like?

Yucca root or cassava is the starchy root of the yucca is not only rich in carbohydrates but also contains a healthy mix of vitamins, minerals and plant-based nutrients. A very healthy alternative to potatoes.

Yucca should never be eaten raw.  Peeling followed by cooking ensures them safe.

Yucca roots available in the USA supermarkets are waxed to help enhance shelf life. To prepare, just wash the whole root in cold water and trim the ends. Cut into 3-4 inches long quarters. Using a good strong knife, then peel the outer skin until you find white flesh inside. Do not use the vegetable peeler, as its skin is very tough. I stand the cut root on its end and cut away the skin.  Cut away any strings running along its inner core.

There is several ways to cook yucca; boil the cut sections in water with sea salt added for about 30-60 minutes, (depending on how small the pieces are) until tender. Drain the water before using them in various cooking recipes.  Yucca can also be baked or fried.

Yucca root eases diabetes symptoms, helps keep your cholesterol levels in a healthy range, and has antioxidant properties that may help to prevent cardiovascular disease as well as exerting anti-inflammatory effects and is used to treat arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, and can help treat the symptoms associated with gout. 



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