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Collin's Philosophy 


My philosophy centers on raising the level of health, with the best foods for my clients for improved quality of life.  Food is fuel, it is medicine, and it is the energy that keeps us alive.  We all are different, and as our bodies change, as our environments changes, so our nutritional needs change. We need to respect and listen to our bodies to be well, healthy and to live a full happy life. 

I understand the daily challenges of choosing a nutritious, balanced diet of whole and natural foods.  I value the role of dietary supplements (vitamins/minerals/herbs) to augment a healthy diet.  My responsibility as a nutritionist is to give my clients tools, options, and a path that enlightens each person to their own way to optimal health.  My gift is sensing your body’s nutrition needs.  My process includes my expertise in muscle testing with my background of nutritional education to reveal your body’s perfect foods for balance and vibrant wellbeing.