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About Collin

Collin Ruiz, MS, is a nutritionist using superfoods, herbs and supplements to raise up the level of health of her clients.  By exploring which foods support the individual, the client has the power to make a big impact on their health and change their life for the better.

She earned her Masters of Science in Human Nutrition from Colorado State University.  This experience is complemented by her lifelong study of herbs, flower essences, and tinctures.  Collin has experience building supportive nutritional plans for extreme athletes, pregnant women, young children, and clients suffering from any number of diseases as well as those undergoing treatments for cancer.

By way of muscle testing, Collin asks the body what it needs to be supported by nutrition &/or herbs and supplements.  She designs a nutritional course of action to address the immediate concerns and ongoing wellbeing.  Every body is unique and Collin strives to help each client integrate a balanced eating plan into their lives.  Through this entire process, Collin gently guides each person to listen to their own body and validates their internal wisdom.