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There are more than 8,000 varieties of apples – the largest variety of fruit to exist. That’s amazing!  It’s also the “forbidden fruit of Eden” and the poisoned apple the evil stepmother uses when trying to take down Snow White.  Apples are used to symbolize health, love, fertility and a wide variety of meanings including reincarnation, immortality, as well as temptation.

And guess what they are good for you, most of you!

Apples are high in insoluble fiber and the soluble fiber pectin, which soaks up toxins and waste and sweeps them through the intestines. What an effective cleansing food!

Apples can help you improve your memory and increases mental alertness. Yes, an apple can be considered brain food.

Apples can block growth of cancerous cells in the lungs, colon and breast.

Apples prevent Alzheimer’s, avert asthma, and boost immunity, OH MY!

October is the month of zombies but being fearful of an apple???  The fear of apples is known as Malusdomesticaphobia.

Like most other fruits, apples contain fructose, a naturally occurring sugar. If you eat a low-carbohydrate diet or a diet to control diabetes, you may be counting your sugar grams.  Also the type of fiber may be irritating to the gut. Ask your nutritionist about your diet to ensure that your meal plan allows apples in quantity.

Apple recipes!  Check out my Facebook page Holistic Nutrition, LLC and please post your favorite apple recipe.  Thank you very much!  Here is mine.

Apple skillet cake