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Gravy for Quinoa Lentil Loaf

Saturday November 23, 2013 comments

Sauce of Deliciousness

2 Tablespoons butter

2 Tablespoons flour

Approximately 2 cups of stock or broth (preferably chicken or vegetable)


This recipe is for a traditional valoute sauce, the difference between it and gravy is that a gravy uses a cornstarch or flour and water slurry as the thickening agent instead of a flour and butter mixture. My family just calls it the “sauce of deliciousness.”

For more flavor in this recipe use the same pan that has already sautéed meat or vegetables. 

 Melt butter or med heat then whisk in the flour.  Keep whisking and let the mixture cook until lightly browned and smells “nutty.”  Slowly whisk in stock or broth, keep whisking to keep sauce smooth and cook until thickened to a desirable consistency. Season with a pinch of pepper and ½-teaspoon thyme or rosemary.

This recipe works well with Smart Balance or Earth Balance Spreads substituted for the butter and Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Flour Mix is a good substitute for a gluten free option so long as the rest of the ingredients are as well.


From SeraAngl’s Kitchen

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