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Muscle Testing Technique



What is muscle testing?  Sometimes it is also known as Applied Kinesiology, a non-invasive technique that anyone can do and it is highly effective in providing feedback on imbalances in the body.  It is a tool used by Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Massage Therapists, as well as Sound Reiki practitioners.  Muscle testing comes in various forms making it highly controversial therefore I am not going to attempt to define it.  Instead I will give you my background and my experience with muscle testing.


I learned this muscle testing technique over 25 years ago and have found it to be a very useful tool when it comes to finding the right food/herb/supplement needed to raise up one's level of health.  Ten people can have the same illness but the path to healing is unique.  Each individual has a distinct ethnic origin, has grown up in a diverse environment, and has had unique life experiences.  Therefore response to illness or disease is unique. I use my knowledge of nutrition and muscle testing to unearth the best nutritional support for you.   


 I have had many reasons along the way to refine my technique.  Now it is routine, I can’t look at a menu or even in my refrigerator without muscle testing “what is best for me right now?”.  With nutrition as my language in healing I have found muscle testing to be an invaluable tool.  For example, although kale is considered a "superfood" and is wonderful in its own right, often people with hypothyroidism should limit their intake of kale because it suppresses thyroid function and yet there is a fine line between "limit intake", "omit completely" or “just cook it”.  Muscle testing can help ascertain the difference. 


I do not assume to diagnose.  Rather I seek to impart my knowledge to the benefit of my clients.